Monday, 19 August 2013

Flyter av til Norge (Floating off to Norway)

I wish it was me floating off to Norway, but it's my balloons. I've recently had an unusual number of enquiries from Norway about my work. It turns out, it was thanks to Norweigan Magazine ROm123. 

The translation reads 

Beautiful print: Freya Cumming creates the most beautiful silk prints. They cost from 850 - 3500 NOK

Not: When Freya drinks lager , especially 850-3500 pounds worth, she gets side-tracked.

Thank you Rom123, and thank you to a very kind customer who sent me the info.

Also this month, I've been printing wallpaper in my shed. Which was very peaceful, apart from the moment when one of my hens jumped onto the table and ran a length, that bit had to be cut out. Maybe I'll decorate her coop with it. 

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