Tuesday, 25 September 2012

More Hens and more Balloons.

This is the newest work off the press. 'Passing' and 'Ladies that Lunch'. 'Passing' is only available at the moment through Gas Gallery and is on it's way to the Manchester Art Fair, 27th-30th of September.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Dead Relative Wallpaper.

Today I had pleasure of visiting my neighbour Nean on her 101st birthday for a sherry and a sandwich. She is an amazing lady. She was born in the house next door and has lived there all of her life. Nean used to play with my great Aunts May and Peg, pictured above with my grandad James. This photograph is the inspiration for my next wallpaper design. I am helping my Mum to design a wallpaper to hang in the house she is moving into, the same house her father and his sisters were born in 100 years ago. A little bit creepy? We hope it's going to look amazing. And it's all dead relative.